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About Us

The sustainable business innovation company


We’re committed to accelerating our planet’s transition to sustainable business

We’re inspired by the great explorers of history. Those adventurers who pushed back the boundaries of our known world. The fearless pioneers who weren’t afraid to test the limits to see what’s truly possible. The ones who continue to stir our imaginations and inspire us to embrace change in the face of vast uncertainty.

Our story

We’re an ambitious company. Our colleagues have 15+ years experience in facilitating innovation strategy, running large scale transformations, building creative mindsets, culture and intrapreneurship, design thinking, systems thinking, ecosystems orchestration, running global innovation accelerators, co-creation and design sprints of all flavors. All cross-industry focused in B2C and B2B.

Founded by Mike Pinder, Explorer Labs has first-hand experience in how start-up and corporate innovation functions in all forms and creative guises. We know how to avoid incrementalism and high-tempo, post-it crazed workshops. Innovation theatre is not the goal. Here we’re interested in both sustainable impact and business outcomes…

The World needs real sustainable business impact from innovation, fast.

We’re here to make that happen.

Explorer Labs Logo

Getting more from innovation

Explorer Labs is founded on the principal that business & innovation has a much larger role to play. We know how the standard innovation process works. The normal tools and methodologies have been around for quite some time.

However, we need to vastly improve our approaches to innovation. They need optimizing and adapting to help address and solve the bigger, more complex, wicked, systemic, ecosystem-level issues right in front of us. This is where Explorer Labs comes in.


A Wicked partnership

We bridge the gap between latest industry practice with World class research with our strategic partnership at Wicked Labs Research Centre at Imperial College London. This uniquely positions us to have the most impact possible.

We host an International Symposium on Corporate Wicked Acceleration. And focus on new tools and methodologies development, put directly into industry usage. We inspire and equip the next generation with the right mindsets and approaches going into the business world.

Wicked Labs Research Centre

Exploring the sustainable road ahead

Business has developed capabilities, approaches and methodologies, designed to address customer centric problems over the past 50+ years. But we must solve the broader, more complex collective challenges ahead of us and fast.

Explorer Labs helps develops better ways to solve our grand challenges and problems through business innovation by advancing the field of business innovation practice. For example, to enable the realization of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) outcomes, meeting GHG emissions goals, pollution challenges, climate change, natural disasters, biodiversity loss, food insecurity and many others.

Explorer Labs People Planet Profit Progress Diagram

Future problems as our opportunities

Tackling grand challenges is as much a problem, as it is, an opportunity. It is within our abilities to create solutions benefitting the planet and the people whilst at the same time, creating better forms of profitable business value. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

It’s not a why question, but how.

Explorer Labs is on a mission to accelerate how we create sustainable business for the planet and its people.

Our values

Our core values reflect those of a business started by bunch of constructive-troublemakers seeking to make a positive difference to our planet and its people.

Create positive impact

Drive the creation of business impact that improves our World

Go beyond boundaries

Advance the field bringing new thinking and doing approaches to sustainable business outcomes

Get it done

Focus on the things that matter to bring lasting positive impact

Constructive troublemaking

Inspire others to challenge the way things are done (ask for forgiveness later)

Hack all the things

Tinker, remix, modify and adapt as you see fit (+plus share outcomes)

Embody growth mindset

Learn and grow at every opportunity and be comfortable outside your comfort zone

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