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Our Purpose

The reason why we exist

“To inspire people and organizations to explore new ways of doing business so we leave the World a better place than we found it” 

Our Vision

We envisage a future where every organization has access to the resources and know-how needed to make positive, lasting impact on the planet and its people. A world where each firm contributes to sustainable impact and business outcomes in responsible ways.

Enabling desirable futures

Our planet is headed in a severely undesirable direction and we decided to help and do something about it.

We help large Fortune 500 organizations explore new ways of creating value far from the traditional core business. We enable the exploration of new sustainable business innovation opportunities, fast. We contribute in turning the tide towards more desirable futures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people in all organizations to explore new business territories and opportunities that contribute to our collective desirable futures.

We’re accelerating our planet’s transition to sustainable business. We do this in the following ways…


Provide world class consulting services, trainings and programs grounded in state-of-the-art research and methodologies designed to create sustainable business impact (no incrementalism nor ‘innovation theatre productions’).


Freely publishing and sharing tools, methodologies, guides, seminars, webinars and articles on sustainable business innovation. We enable you to become a constructive troublemaker so you can explore news ways of realizing sustainable value creation.


Developing sustainable business innovation education programs (Exec Ed, post-grad MBA, self-paced learning courses…) at leading Universities (Imperial College Business School, Royal College of Art, Open University…) to inspire future sustainable business innovation leaders.


Partnering and collaborating with World leading institutions (World Economic Forum, Global Innovation Institute, Service Design Network and others) to leverage best-practices and problem-solving approaches from both public and private sectors.


Orchestrating a consortia of leading industry partners who share best practices, learning and latest approaches that catalyze sustainable business innovation. Building a co-opetition ecosystem across global organizations through client partnerships, research and projects.


Growing a global community of sustainable business innovation practitioners and thought leaders through speaking events, webinars and content creation. Stimulating and encouraging both bottom-up initiatives and top-down strategic change in sustainable business innovation.