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Sustainable Business Innovation Sprint

A complete sustainable business innovation cycle in just five days


Quickly test-out how your new concepts will contribute to sustainable business impact

The Problem

Traditional design sprints have limited focus on customer-segments rather than multi-stakeholder sustainability challenges. A sustainable business innovation sprint is designed specifically to address ecosystem level challenges.

Sustainable Business Innovation Sprint

An intensive team design sprint format specifically tailored to address sustainable business innovation challenges and deliver impact in a compressed time format.

Gain validated evidence on the desirability of a new sustainability business concept or test adaptations to your current business model in just five days. We guide you step-by-step through the process of (in)validating ecosystem people, planet, profit fit with your key customers, buyers and wider stakeholders.

Who is it for?

Our Sustainable Business Innovation Sprint is perfectly suited to cross-disciplinary team members across your organization. Broader team profiles create better outcomes and potential impact. Typically involving no more than 7 members per sprint team.

  • Innovation Managers
  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Finance
  • Product & Service
  • Intrapreneurs
  • Trainees & New Recruits
  • Other Constructive Troublemakers…

How does it work?

Sustainable innovation sprints come in several flavors and we tailor each sprint to your specific context business goals and objectives (+ full alignment with your strategic direction).

We don’t just provide off the shelf sprints.

We adapt to fit your specific business needs, industry and context. This ensures you get maximum value and impact as outcomes.



Map-out your existing stakeholder ecosystem. Conduct deep-dive problem exploration interviews and synthesize feedback across divergent and conflicting interests.

This process works equally well across B2C, B2B and B2C2x situations with some adaptations.

Day 2 - DEFINE

Co-create your envisaged future sustainable business ecosystem state. Co-collaborating with your most important stakeholders is vital during the sprint process.

They help to challenge thinking and imagining early-on in the process. This helps you to de-risk the road ahead before moving anywhere near solutions!

Day 3 - IDEATE

Once the problems and needs of your ecosystem are mapped and deeply understood, its time to diverge creative thinking.

Here you go through a structure process to find new ways to enable your sustainable business future and arrive at concrete concepts to take forward and test.


At this point you develop and build rough-and-dirty prototypes or MVP’s to test your most critical assumptions within your concept features, relevant to specific sets of stakeholders across your future sustainability focused ecosystem.

You may end up with several prototypes/MVP’s to test, depending on the nature and complexity of your future to-be state ecosystem. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss this early-on in the scoping process with you.


Time to gain vital validated learning evidence! Here your actual stakeholder feedback informs your decision making and next steps towards delivering sustainable business impact.

This step is always the most exciting and confronting. As Steve Blank put it, ‘no idea survives first contact with a customer’. And that is entirely true of more complex ecosystem-level concepts and validations. Fear not, you will be on the right path based upon your feedback in not time.

You’ll also develop the right culture, language, mindset and capabilities to run further validation iterations by yourselves.

Types of challenges?

A sustainable business innovation sprint enables you to get answers to new concept and business desirability across people, planet and profit dimensions quickly!

They are suited to many different challenge types. Here are some typical ‘how might we’ challenges as starting points for sustainable business innovation sprints.

New sustainability strategy direction

How might we explore entirely new sustainable business(s) far away from the core business whilst maintaining the core business?

Shifting to sustainable business outcomes

How might we adapt our existing business so we contribute to sustainability goals whilst creating continuous value for our existing customers and stakeholders?

Exploring new sustainable business ideas

How might we explore and discover new sustainable business concepts to test with minimal fuss, time and cost?

Testing new sustainable business concepts

How might we gain assess the impact on our customer key customers, partners and suppliers by going into sustainable business?

Pivoting your existing business model

How might we adapt our existing business model into an ecosystem that generates customer value AND social and environmental value?


Our team has worked with the World’s largest organizations

Explorer Labs Remote Facilitation Innovation Design Thinking Process

Team work remotely?

No problem. We can guide and facilitate our programs fully hybrid or in person using some great tools to get the job done. Reach out to learn more.

Key outcomes

A sustainable business innovation sprint delivers concrete validated outcomes on new business ideas. Sprints generate validated learning evidence across ecosystem desirability (people & planet) to guide further investment decisions to most promising projects.

Sustainability strategy in action

  • Your innovation strategy put straight into practice
  • Gain deep insights and feedback quickly across your stakeholder ecosystem
  • Clearly point you in the right direction in just a few days

Stakeholder ecosystem collaboration

  • Collaborative way of working to ensure full stakeholder commitment
  • Multi-disciplinary perspectives and divergent interests addressed
  • Alignment on sustainable business concepts & supporting business models

Sustainable business concepts tested

  • Learning-by-doing to test new sustainable business concepts
  • Validated with feedback across your most important stakeholders
  • Early stage validation on your future to-be ecosystem

Co-deliver with your stakeholders

  • Direct customer, buyer, partner and supplier feedback
  • Informed early desirability and willingness to partner
  • Know if you’re headed in the right direction for your sustainable ventures

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