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Innovation Ecosystem Strategy Sprint

Shift strategic direction to explore sustainable business value away from the core business


Figure out where you want to go and how you’re going to get there to deliver sustainable impact

The Problem

Typical strategic planning is designed for shareholder ‘business as usual’. Our sustainability strategy sprints have People, Planet, Profit & Progress stakeholders for sustainability embedded at the core.

Innovation Ecosystem Strategy Sprint

A sustainable business innovation strategy sprint is a way to quickly-craft how you will incorporate contributing to global sustainability goals, grand challenges and wicked problems through innovation.

It enables carving-out a space for the exploration of future sustainable business innovation opportunities that deliver positive environmental and/or social impact in new ecosystems. Crucially, your sustainable business strategy outcomes are fully aligned with the existing corporate strategy. Full support from C-level team is part of the process.

The best part is it can be created and refined, ready to implement, in as little as 7 days.

Who is it for?

Our Innovation Ecosystem Strategy Sprint is primarily targeted for C-level, executives and senior leadership/management team. We typically form a small working team and involve senior leadership as needed:

  • C-level teams (CEO, CINO, CMO, CTO, CFO…)
  • Executive Leadership Teams (ELT, EXCO)
  • Senior Executives
  • Innovation Managers
  • Product/Service Managers
  • R&D Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Marketing Managers

How does it work?

We first co-craft your as is state and supporting ecosystem. We then map your desired future to-be state by envisaging your collaborative innovation ecosystem aligned to sustainability goals.

Next, we design clear sustainable business innovation initiatives to get you there. This enables you to incorporate sustainable business transformation directly into your corporate strategy.


Intense focus on outcomes

  • Working with a small and nimble core team to quickly craft, create and refine your sustainable business strategy using a proven and tested approach.
  • Outcomes are clear from the start: your why, your how, your what. Tailored initiatives designed to deliver where your organization intends to play to realize sustainable impact.

Gaining full leadership alignment

  • Aligning senior leadership to a common purpose, vision and mission with sustainable business as a compliment to the core business.
  • Gain their insights and feedback early on co-create your how and what components.

Generating broad buy-in and support

  • Getting broad buy-in and support across the business from key internal stakeholders and decision makers.
  • You then refine and co-create the process along the way.

Keeping things simple

  • Quickly iterating your strategy whilst focusing on what is needed and essential to make it actionable.
  • Keeping out all the unnecessary complexities by leveraging our external support, independent of internal challenges.

Your strategic challenges

An Innovation Ecosystem Strategy Sprint allows you to plan for sustainable business impact beyond, simply that of your end customers, users or buyers in B2C or B2B.

Here are some typical sustainability strategy challenges faced.


Changing appetite for risk

We already have experience in lean business and innovation approaches:

  • How should we explore more risky organizational structures to support sustainable business innovation that delivers real impact?

Delivering on actionable strategy

We’ve made the C-level strategic shift in corporate strategy towards sustainable business impact:

  • But where do we go from here and how do we make it actionable with impactful results?

No incrementalism or innovation theatre

We already have a lot of experience running Design Thinking and Design Sprints and Lean Startup approaches. However, we end up with incremental projects that go nowhere.

  • How do we ensure we’re not doing innovation theatre and create measurable sustainable business impact?

Exploring new organizational structures

We’re happy to explore separate organizational entities to build sustainable business opportunities:

  •  But we’re not sure how they should be structured, executed, governed to assess value impact over time.


Our team has worked with the World’s largest organizations

Explorer Labs Remote Facilitation Innovation Design Thinking Process

Team work remotely?

No problem. We can guide and facilitate our programs fully hybrid or in person using some great tools to get the job done. Reach out to learn more.

Key outcomes

Defining and designing an Innovation Ecosystem Strategy delivers a plan for action: where you will play, how far from home and why.

As well as exactly how you are going to deliver sustainable business impact by carefully designing programs and initiatives with governance and metrics to get you there.

Sustainability mission, vision and purpose alignment

  • Refined and validated sustainability common purpose, vision and mission.
  • Alignment across your business ecosystem with UN SDG outcomes.
  • Answers to your strategic why question.

Commitment for action across your future ecosystem

  • Orchestration of your future ‘to-be’ sustainability ecosystem of stakeholders.
  • Agreement and commitment to solving your common strategic challenges.
  • Answers your how question.

Sustainable business innovation initiatives ready-to-go

  • Choose from 20+ sustainable business innovation initiatives, programs and interventions.
  • Detailed structure, funding, governance, accountability budgeting and resourcing.
  • Answers to your what question.

Real impact assessment with metric quantification

  • Tailored impact metrics, value types and KPI’s across your sustainable business innovation initiatives.
  • Quantification of real sustainable impact delivered on the strategic commitment.
  • Avoid sustainability theatre or greenwashing.

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