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Innovation tools designed for sustainable business impact

A selection of FREE + valuable: tools, canvases & frameworks, designed to enable you to deliver sustainable business innovation impact.

All available on Miro for remote collaboration

130+ Value Types Wheel

Explore all the different value types across People, Planet, Profit & Purpose in one place.

Sustainable Value Proposition Canvas

Quickly create a compelling value proposition statement for your key sustainability focused stakeholders

Future of Innovation Poster

Inspire teams to think more broadly of innovation across People, Planet, Profit & Progress.

Unintended Innovation Consequences Canvas

Understand and explore the unintended consequences of new concepts and business models.

52 Sustainability Ideation Brainstorm Cards

Quickly generate radical and disruptive sustainability ideas for your innovation challenge.

Stakeholder Interest Matrix

Identify and prioritize most important ecosystem stakeholders to engage in your sustainability or wicked problem initiative.

Ecosystem Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Quickly plan how you will address the needs of your key ecosystem stakeholders with concrete next steps of action.

Pre-Mortem Project Analysis Tool

Conduct a detailed pre-mortem of everything likely to go wrong with your sustainable innovation project, before it happens so you can plan ahead.

Critical Assumption Identifier Cheat Sheet

Ask the right questions to help you find and uncover your leap of faith critical assumptions (LOFA’s), fast!

Mentoring & Coaching Mentee Guidebook

Keep track of your key insights & aha moments during your mentoring and coaching sessions.

Ecosystem Stakeholder Empathy Map

Gain critical insights into your key stakeholder goals, objectives, pains, gains and boosters to co-create sustainable value.