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Lean Experiment Card Tool

Design an experiment for each of your critical leap-of-faith assumptions

Lean Experiment Card on A4 white paper detailing experiment type, description, audience type, success metrics & KPI's, visual drawing and next steps
Focus on People, but also other key impact areas
Describe what you will test
Your target testing audience
Key success metrics and KPI’s
Visual representation of what your experiment will look like

What does it do?

Allows you to figure out how and what you will specifically test a critical leap-of-faith (LOFA) assumption related to your key concept features. This is a pivotal tool in your Lean Startup process to help move from concept to validated learning evidence.

  • Define specifically how & what you will test for each assumption
  • Plan your success metrics clearly up-front
  • Visualize and operationalize your experiment execution
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Also available on Miro for remote team collaboration

When to use it

Use this tool once you have defined your concept and have prioritized your key features from your customer or buyer’s perspective.

Once you have defined your features and prioritized your critical assumptions, then you’re ready to define experiments for each assumption.

Start with your customer, user and planet based assumptions to test first!

How to use it


Use one experiment card per assumption to be tested.


See if you can combine several lean experiment cards together for your real world test.


Complete each part of the tool in as much detail as you can before you execute your experiments.

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