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What We Do

We help you transition to sustainable business innovation


3 ways to drive sustainable business through innovation

We enable you explore new business innovation opportunities away from home turf

Our services are specifically designed to contribute to sustainable futures whilst delivering real business impact, fast. Together, we’ll help you explore, discover and realise new sustainable business innovation territories and opportunities.

Our programs are designed for positive sustainable business impact for the People, Planet & Profit through technological Progress (think addressing: UN Sustainability Goals, Grand ChallengesWicked Problems).

Explorer Labs Innovation Strategy Exploit vs Explore

1. Strategy

Designing ecosystem innovation strategy for sustainable futures

Together we’ll figure out your sustainable business strategy to guide and enable your innovation initiatives.

2. Capabilities

Building sustainable business problem-solving capabilities

With your strategic direction in place, specifically designed business innovation capabilities will get you there.

3. Impact

Getting to sustainable business innovation impact and outcomes

Combine your strategy and capabilities through focused sustainable business innovation programs to deliver impact.


Innovation Ecosystem Strategy Sprint

Sustainable business innovation strategy designed and ready in just 7 days.

Knowing where to go and how to get there via specific initiatives


Sustainable Business Innovation Training

Develop team capabilities, culture, mindset and tools to create sustainable business impact.

Team expertise embedded ready for sustainable business impact


Sustainable Business Innovation Sprint

An intensive sprint format specifically designed for sustainable business innovation impact in just 5 days.

Sustainable business project(s) validated for investment

Systems Thinking for Design Thinking Teams

Get beyond the limitations of customer-centric approaches and address complex problems, fast

Teams able to understand complex systems to design the right business solutions

Explorer Labs Keynote Presentation Innovation Sustainability

Inspirational  Sustainable Innovation Keynotes

Inspire your teams to pursue sustainable innovation & new business design beyond the limits of customer-centric approaches

Teams fully inspired to enable sustainable business transformation through innovation

Explorer Labs Coaching and Mentoring For Innovation Teams

Mentoring & Coaching for Innovation Teams

Supercharge teams by aligning personal why’s with your company’s sustainability innovation & business strategy ambitions

Fully motivated intrapreneurs at personal & professional levels

Executive Education Short Courses

Upskill your career and impact to lead tackling the most critical issues of our time.

An advanced professional in sustainable business design

"Explorer Labs always delivers great quality ahead of time and being extremely responsive. I look forward to collaborating again as their contribution vastly exceeded our expectations."

Kevin SchoucairBusiness Support Manager at Seedstars

"Our collaboration with Explorer Labs simply exceeded our expectations. I wish all providers had the same professionalism."

Corporate Training ServicesAPAC Region
Explorer Labs Remote Facilitation Innovation Design Thinking Process

Team work remotely?

No problem. We can guide and facilitate our programs fully hybrid or in person using some great tools to get the job done. Reach out to learn more.