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Mentoring & Coaching for Innovation Teams

Uncover underlying team drivers, motivations & why's to align with the sustainable goals of your organization


Supercharge teams by aligning personal why’s with your company’s sustainability innovation ambitions

The Problem

Nominated innovation team members typically have few reasons to ‘innovate’ on top of their busy day jobs. Especially if outcomes are not aligned with personal purpose & why’s.

Mentoring & coaching is tailored, action-oriented process for individuals & teams. It creates fundamental alignment between team members & organizational goals. It drastically shifts mindsets and builds new behaviors, culture and habits. New confidence is created through intentional momentum & action towards fulfilling individual purpose.

Our mentors and coaches are experts at helping participants define their personal goals and develop rapid action plans to achieve them, as well as making better decisions when faced with complex uncertainty throughout the innovation and business design process.

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It's been very eye-opening, insightful, enjoyable and humbling... A very worthwhile experience. I feel more enthused and excited about what I can do

Maureen ThorlinEnterprise Experience Design Lead
Explorer Labs Coaching And Mentoring for Innovation Teams Personal Development

Who is it for?

Our Coaching & Mentoring syllabus is perfectly designed for all innovation and business design professionals within your organization.

Delivered by veterans with hundreds of hours of mentoring and coaching experience.

  • Innovation Managers
  • Sustainability Managers
  • Service Designers
  • Business Designers
  • Business Insights & Intelligence
  • Experience Designers (UX/XD)
  • Design Thinkers
  • Lean Startup Practitioners
  • Experiment Designers
  • Business Model Innovators
  • Innovation Strategists
  • Business Analysts
  • Interaction Designers
  • Circular Economy Managers

How does it work?

Mentoring works by providing a structured 1:1 process to uncover underlying why’s and purposes through a deeply-personal, self-reflective and introspective journey of discovery.

Coaching works by providing expert guidance and knowledge to help team members achieve their goals and ultimately reach their full potential.


1:1 Mentoring & Coaching Sessions

  • Typically, 8-10 individual 1:1 sessions of 60 mins is suitable for a first season of mentoring to uncover drivers and define future action plans to achieve desired goals.
  • For coaching, 5-10 individual 1:1 sessions of 60 mins is suitable to support team members along the innovation process or specific challenge.
  • Suitable for up to 10 participants per cohort, per mentor or coach.

Coaching & Mentoring Program

  • Team kick-off
    • Inspire & explain the overall process and focus areas to team members
  • Mentoring & coaching sessions
    • Run 1:1 tailored sessions
    • Multiple inter-session homework exercises to complete as needed
    • Duration is typically over 2-3 months per cohort
  • Team group session
    • Synthesize and share collective outcomes, key learnings and insights across the team and back to the organization

Typical Syllabus Overview

Each mentoring and coaching approach is tailored depending upon the needs of individual participants.

A typical mentoring journey may follow a discovery process along the lines:

  • Uncover personal values and beliefs
  • Discover personal underlying human needs
  • Map out wheels of life
  • 16 personalities understanding (MBTI)
  • Uncover your true personal why purpose
  • Meeting deep-seated unconscious beliefs
  • Define your limiting beliefs
  • Establish clear goals moving forwards
  • Concrete actions and next steps
  • Ongoing accountability and action plans

Potential Focus Areas

  • Vision and goal setting
  • Team leadership
  • Influence and persuasion
  • Personal Why Purpose
  • Decision making
  • Innovation Methodologies
  • Business Design Process
  • Productivity
  • Performance management
  • Confidence and resilience
  • Presence and assertiveness
  • + More

It clarified my sense of purpose, renewed my optimism, and gave me practical suggestions to implement changes in my approach to work.

Martin Ford-DownesLead Service Design, BT


Our team has worked with the World’s largest organizations

Team challenges

Coaching and mentoring enables team members to understand why they are motivated to do what they do.

Teams can then work on innovation projects that bring a deep sense of meaning, purpose and joy to careers. Uncovering intrinsic motivators retains talent and ensures the most passionate people stay part of your business and innovation teams.


Lack of personal + organization alignment

  • Team members being asked to innovate on top of the day job, without understanding how innovating for the organization aligns with personal beliefs, values and purpose.

Time to uncover personal ‘Why’s

  • Team members often drift through their careers feeling unfulfilled like something is missing. Mentoring provides the space to uncover what is fundamentally driving why you do what you do.

Consciously understanding team human needs

  • Our human needs drive all of our decisions in life. Uncovering which needs are highest priority opens the doors to many ways in which they can be fulfilled by innovating.

Challenging the existing culture and ways of working

  • Mentoring and coaching provides a safe external space for team members to be challenged by an external expert on their mindset and way of working in a thought provoking, goal-driven, constructive way.

Why it works?

  • Makes unconscious drivers and tensions, fully conscious. Once aware, practical decisions, choices and actions can be taken with full confidence whilst contributing towards organizational goals.
  • Team members build trust and burning sense of common aligned purpose and mission.
  • Intrinsic motivations are uncovered ensuring the process of innovating and business venture-building meets personal human needs and why purposes.
  • Aligned personal and professional development journeys supercharges your team performance by harnessing genuine intrinsic motivators.


Meet mentee James. He explains what the mentoring journey is like to undertake as well as what to expect.


Watch this short clip where mentee James shares his top 3 tips on being an effective mentee.

This isn't about finding quick fixes to surface level problem statements or some sort of professional learning plan. It's about really understanding what drives you and how to maximise fulfilling that.

Principal Business AnalysisCorporate Enterprise

Key outcomes

Mentoring and coaching supercharges team innovation performance by aligning personal why’s with organizational goals.

Common strategic alignment

  • Uncovered team member fundamental professional purposes
  • Personal why’s linked to organizational business objectives
  • Deeply-aligned purpose and drive across teams

Common language for professional growth

  • Allows teams to self-steer professional growth
  • Connect teams to the higher strategic purpose of the organization
  • Empowers teams to build genuine relationships

Practical frameworks to lead teams

  • Empowering teams with growth mindsets
  • Training managers with professional development tools and frameworks
  • Developing true intrapreneurial ways of working

Developing empathic culture & organizations

  • Creates awareness of team communication styles and needs
  • On-the-job support and coaching on specific blockers
  • Help team members overcome challenges like imposter syndrome
Explorer Labs Remote Facilitation Innovation Design Thinking Process

Team work remotely?

No problem. We can guide and facilitate our programs fully hybrid or in person using some great tools to get the job done. Reach out to learn more.

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