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Sustainable Business Innovation Training

Develop your innovation capabilities to deliver the sustainable business impact needed


Build your sustainable business innovation capabilities and culture to realise positive impact

The Problem

Existing innovation methodologies and capabilities are outdated and often result in innovation theatre and/or incremental outcomes. More suitable approaches are needed to solve systemic level challenges…

Sustainable Business Innovation Training

Our sustainable business innovation training lays the foundation for purpose-driven organizations to thrive in tackling sustainability goals, grand challenges and wicked problems.

The training provides team members a safe space and opportunity to understand their personal why question about professional practice. Once uncovered, team members learn about optimized mindset, methodologies, tools and processes, specifically designed for organizations to deliver upon their purpose-driven missions with sustainable business innovation impact.

Who is it for?

Our Sustainable Business Innovation Trainings are highly-suited to all teams and constructive troublemakers, seeking to challenge the way things are done, for instance:

  • Innovation Managers
  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Finance
  • Product & Service
  • Intrapreneurs
  • Trainees & New Recruits
  • Other Constructive Troublemakers…

How does it work?

Our sustainable business innovation training is typically split into 5-6 modules over 3-4 days with optional self-paced learning components between modules. Each module has its own specific learning objectives and outcomes.

We always tailor our trainings to fit your exact needs and expectations. Reach out below to discuss which format works best for your context and key strategic objectives.


Module 1: Intro to Sustainable Business Innovation

Learning objectives and outcomes:

  • Discover exactly what sustainable business innovation is and why it is so important for future business, people and planet.
  • Uncover which sustainable business trends, drivers and UN SDG’s most significantly impacting your business and market segment and why.
  • Map-out which sustainable business innovation challenges provide the best opportunity spaces for your organization.

Module 2: Your Personal Why & Mindset

Learning objectives and outcomes:

  • Take a deep introspection to find your personal why – the underlying purpose that has been subconsciously driving your career and aspirations in life.
  • Master your mindset type and learn about your appetite for risk taking and personal biases and more: all impacting your approach to sustainable business innovation development.
  • Learn how to take control of your ‘thinking-fast’ brain so you consciously make informed decisions.

Module 3: Sustainable Business Innovation in Practice

Learning objectives and outcomes:

  • Transform your opportunity spaces into challenge spaces for your organization to explore sustainable business innovation opportunities, on demand.
  • Lean how to use specific creative ideation tools, methods and techniques specifically for complex ecosystem challenges, wicked problems and sustainable business issues.
  • Uncover how to map systems, find leverage points and challenge your thinking and assumptions through order consequence processes.

Module 4: Creating Sustainable Business Concepts

Learning objectives and outcomes:

  • Understand how to converge your thinking to arrive at the most radical and disruptive sustainable business innovation concepts to take forward to test and (in)validate.
  • Learn how to map your sustainable business ecosystems to uncover your business, environmental and social value types being generated.
  • Uncover the critical weaknesses and strengths within your sustainable business ecosystems in relation to your new concepts for future testing.

Module 5: Testing & Validating Sustainable Business Concepts

Learning objectives and outcomes:

  • Master the process of prioritizing critical assumption categories to enable you to gain validated learning evidence through experimentation design.
  • Learn how to design, conduct and learn from rapid experimentation cycles across your stakeholder value ecosystem.
  • Discover how to quickly iterate, update and test further critical assumptions to pave the way for sustainable business innovation impact within your project concepts.

Module 6: How to Pitch Sustainable Business Innovation Concepts

Learning objectives and outcomes:

  • Learn the art of pitching new sustainable business innovation ideas to senior executives and c-level teams. We teach you step-by-step how to develop and deliver the perfect pitch using a tried and tested effective method.
  • Pitches typically just take 3 hours to create for first critical feedback from other team members, followed by further tweaks and final delivery for real seed investment and equity sharing of c-level teams.

Typical challenges

A sustainable business innovation training creates purpose-led teams aligned, with the skills, mindset and tools to address your organizational why.

It priming your teams to lead positive, social and environmental change that we need.


Creating a purpose-led organization

We want to make the transition to a purpose-led organization.

  • How do we develop our culture so that our team members are fully aligned with what we stand for?

Best practices in sustainable business innovation

Sustainable business impact is now high priority on our strategic agenda.

  • What are the best practices to enable us to become a leading purpose-led organization?

Going beyond existing approaches

There are so many tools and innovation approaches out there like Design Thinking, Lean Start-up, Service Design, Business Model Innovation and Agile.

  • How do we deploy the right methodologies specifically designed for solving UN Sustainability Goals, complex stakeholder problems, systemic issues and sustainability challenges?

Avoiding incrementalism or innovation theatre

We already have a lot of experience running Design Thinking and Design Sprints and Lean Startup approaches. However, we end up with incremental projects that go nowhere.

  • How do we ensure we’re not doing innovation theatre and create measurable sustainable business impact?


Our team has worked with the World’s largest organizations

Explorer Labs Remote Facilitation Innovation Design Thinking Process

Team work remotely?

No problem. We can guide and facilitate our programs fully hybrid or in person using some great tools to get the job done. Reach out to learn more.

Key outcomes

A sustainable business innovation training delivers culture, purpose and why’s to drive sustainable business impact.

Discovering personal purposes

  • Uncovered team member fundamental professional purposes
  • Related personal whys to sustainable business objectives of your organization
  • Deeply-aligned purpose and drive across teams

Relating purpose to the organizational why

  • Connect teams to higher purpose of the organization
  • Embed why sustainable business innovation opportunities are key to the future organization
  • Create common language around People, Planet, Profit & Progress dimensions

Embed valuable sustainability capabilities & culture

  • Space for team members to scan, explore and test sustainability challenges as opportunities
  • Exploration of future sustainable business growth concepts to test
  • Embedded sustainable business culture and capabilities

Tools, methods and mindset for sustainability

  • Created the capability to ideate broadly and converge thinking quickly and efficiently
  • Specific toolset and process for new sustainable business innovation opportunities
  • Tested ideas and (in)validated at high speed, low cost

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