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Assumption Outcome Card Tool

Document ‘what you know’ & ‘how you know it’ as validated learning evidence moving forwards

Assumption outcome card on A4 piece of paper mockup detailing key findings, evidence, results, outcomes, reliability & next steps
Report out your assumption tested and your key findings
Document your key evidence
Report out your results and outcomes
Decide on the level of reliability and any new assumptions to test asap

What does it do?

Assumption Outcome Cards are the currency of your entire innovation process. They document ‘what you know’ and ‘how you know it’. They provide objective evidence based decision making to innovation and business design teams.

These are the most important reporting-out tools as they document new knowledge about what to do next such as pivoting, killing projects or continuing.

  • Report outcomes of your innovation testing phases
  • Creates validated learning evidence to present to management
  • Allows you to make decisions about what is working or not
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Also available on Miro for remote team collaboration

When to use it

Use this vital tool once you have run an experiment on a critical leap-of-faith assumption (LOFA).

Report your key outcome findings on a specific assumption to know if it is validated or not.

Once decided the team can move forward with confidence on to the next most critical assumption to test.

How to use it


Complete a lean experiment then take this tool to understand the outcomes of your validation experiment.


Write down which assumption you tested, followed by your key findings and actual evidence to support your findings.


Decide if your assumption is validated or not and the reliability of your collected evidence.


Write down any additional assumption that emerged from your experiment to inform what you need to test next.

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