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18 Innovation & Sustainability Methodologies Overview

Overview showing how 18 innovation & sustainability methodologies provide an integrated capability

Overview of 18 sustainability innovation methodologies in an overview diagram and how the methods overlap at which stage of the innovation and business design process.
Overview of the most dominant innovation methodologies and how they inter-relate
Typical example tools for each methodology
Description of the major phases for each of the 18 methodologies

What does it do?

Provides the big picture how the most common innovation and business design methodologies fit together, when pursuing sustainability innovation.

  • See where and when particular innovation methods are best used
  • Helps you relate practice to the right phases of innovation
  • Enables teams to understand appropriate methodologies to use and when
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Also available on Miro for remote team collaboration

When to use it

Use this poster tool at all stages of your innovation and business design process.

It is very useful at the strategic, tactical and operational project levels to support your decision making about what methodologies most suitable to use, and at what stage.

Use it to align your teams on the palette of methodology options in order to drive critical conversations about which ones to use and why.

How to use it


Familiarize yourselves with the different methodologies from strategy through to scaling.


Short-list 2-3 methodologies that may be suitable for your sustainability innovation challenge at hand (depending on where you are currently at).


Read more details about the step-by-step processes underpinning your chosen methodologies.


Critically-discuss the pro’s and con’s of each method. TIP: consider which stage or the process you are at right now and where you want to get to by when.

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