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Unintended Innovation Consequences Canvas

Understand and uncover the unintended consequences of new innovation concepts and business models

Explorer Labs Unintended Innovation Consequences Canvas Tool
Define the stakeholders impacted by your new innovation concept or business model
Write down your intended innovation consequences
Think about the 2nd and 3rd order unintended consequences across your stakeholder ecosystem
Finally define the outcomes of your unintended consequences. Reflect back to see how these can be mitigated!

What does it do?

Take a critical self-reflection perspective of you new innovation concept or business model. A quick sanity check to understand the 6 month, 1 year and 5 year unintended outcome consequences of introducing your new innovation to the World.

  • Remove pro-innovation bias from your thinking
  • Critical reflection on the likely outcomes of implementing
  • Ensure you consider the dark side of innovation impact

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Also available on Miro for remote team collaboration

When to use it

Use the Unintended Innovation Consequences Canvas after you have run the ideation process. You should already have a completed Concept Card. Make sure you consider the different stakeholder perspectives across People, Planet, Profit and Progress dimensions.

You can also use this tool after you have prototyped a new business model network value map.

Once you have a clear understanding of the stakeholders involved, consider them using this tool.

Use the canvas in workshops or if working remotely on your collaboration software (Miro, Mural, Jam Boards etc).

How to use it


Map out map-out the key stakeholders within your new concept, innovation or business model as a stakeholder map.


List your stakeholders on the tool in priority order from top to bottom in the left hand column and write down your intended outcomes for each of your key stakeholders.


Write down the 2nd and 3rd order consequences for each of your desired intended outcomes. Think: And then what?

For example: what could happen in 10 or 20 mins, 5 or 10 years time? How will this stakeholder react? What is the impact on People, Planet, Profit and Progress? What will the competition do? How will supply and demand be impacted?


Write down the final outcomes as you see fit. Challenge yourselves to think critically about the key features of your new innovation and/or business model. How should it be adapted to avoid these unintended consequences?


Refine and update your concept and/or business model as you see fit, given your new perspectives on likely outcomes.

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