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Sustainable Value Proposition Statement Builder

Translate your concept or business model into a compelling value proposition statement, fast!

Sustainable Value Proposition Statement Builder
Focus on your stakeholders and the problems being addressed
Clearly articulate how the value is being created to solve your stakeholder problems
Differentiate yourselves from your best competitor value offerings on the market

What does it do?

Allows you to clearly articulate the value you are creating and the problems you’re solving within your new concept or business model.

  • Build a sustainability value proposition statement quickly
  • Articulate the highest value types you are generating
  • Mini-elevator pitch of your concept and business model
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Also available on Miro for remote team collaboration

When to use it

Use this tool when you have diverged down to a new sustainability concept and/or business model.

This helper ensures you articulate the biggest and most impactful value you’re bring to people and planet stakeholders.

It helps explain your concept at a higher value level, rather than the specific features and functionalities being created.

How to use it


Use your concept card or business model prototype to familiarise the team with the overall offer.


Start filling out the boxes in the statement builder one-by-one.


Once you have your first draft, read it out loud within your team. Adjust and re-word as necessary, until it is crisp, sharp and embodies the value you are bringing to your customers and wider world.

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