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Imperial College Business School wanted to offer a sustainable digital business model design full time MBA module for new students.

With a focus on enabling the orchestration and development of sustainable business models to support new startup concepts spanning vast stakeholder ecosystems.

CLIENT: Imperial College Business School
INDUSTRY: Education


Combining latest business design tools, thinking and methodologies from Explorer Labs and Wicked Acceleration Labs was brought together to develop a best-in-class Full Time MBA module. Targeted at international students wishing to develop disruptive business models to support radical sustainability concepts to enable UN SDGs .

A three-week intensive program was designed and developed in full hybrid way of working, both on campus physically and remotely via tailored Miro boards for eight parallel teams of seven participants (50+ learners per cohort).

Mixed-mode learning was developed using in person webinars, pre-reads, inter-session webcasts with physical and digital tools.

Teams follow a comprehensive learning approach spanning the People, Planet, Profit & Progress methodology, including:

  • Sustainable value proposition development
  • Sustainable network value ecosystems
  • Triple bottom line thinking
  • Sustainability intrapreneurship
  • Lean startup for sustainability
  • Business modelling
  • Experimentation validation
  • Pitch development for investment


Learners become equipped with latest toolset, mindset and methodologies designed to enable sustainability innovation in support of their future careers.

Experience is gained by learning how to develop killer pitches based upon validated learning evidence to real venture capitalists. Skills and competencies gained, directly applicable to leading innovation teams within sustainability and innovation departments at large firms or at startups.

Modules and content are state-of-the-art business modelling and innovation approaches to tackling UN SDGs challenges. The approach developed enables teams to think and do beyond the dominant customer-centric approaches (design thinking, lean startup etc), to dealing with the increased uncertainties of multi-stakeholder challenges to solve.

Highest ratings

Consistently scored highest ranked modules and learning content (4.8/5).

Global reach

As of 2022, over 160+ international learners have taken the program.

The most useful module in the course. I got all I wanted and even more ideas for my future career. Enormous value course whichever career path anyone is taking.

Learner FeedbackDigital Business Model Design for Sustainability MBA Module

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