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Sustainable Value Proposition Canvas

Quickly create a compelling value proposition statement for your key sustainability focused stakeholders

Sustainability Value Proposition Builder Canvas
Write down the value types (People, Planet, Profit, Progress) within your concept and/or business model
Translate your value types into a concise value proposition statement using the ad-lib
Use this example value proposition statement to get you started to refine your own

What does it do?

Helps you articulate and translate the value being created within your new sustainability business or innovation concept. This tool will help you structure the value being created, alongside the KPI’s and metrics you will use in order to quantify your value impact.

  • Construct clear value proposition statements for sustainable business concepts
  • Incorporate KPI’s and metrics into your value proposition statements
  • Design your value proposition through the use of a simple ad-lib helper

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Also available on Miro for remote team collaboration

When to use it

Use the Sustainable Value Proposition Canvas after you have run the ideation process. You should already have a concept in mind before you start to consider the value types being created across People, Planet, Profit & Purpose dimensions.

You can also use this tool after you have created a new prototype business model for a new sustainable business concept.

This tool is best used when you need to think more abstractly about the value you’re creating alongside the KPI’s and metrics you will put in place to track your progress towards impact.

How to use it


Use the 130+ Value Types Wheel tool to help you figure out what value types you’re creating across People, Planet, Profit & Purpose.


Write down the value types you’re creating in the boxes at the top of this tool.


Think about the key performance indicators (KPI’s) and metrics you will need to keep track of to show your progress as you deliver impact.


Use the ad-lib helper to create your value proposition statement. Tip: you may need to split your team in two so that you have several versions to refine and edit into a single statement.

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