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Created a new sustainable concept? Great… Now articulate the value! This is a crucial step to get right. Value proposition statements are often skipped-over or poorly understood by innovation teams. Sustainability focused value proposition statements are especially important to get right for sustainable innovation concepts because they are complex and involve many ecosystem stakeholders.

This article will help you to quickly and clearly design a compelling value proposition statement for each of your key sustainability focused stakeholders. This is a crucial step to get right before moving on to uncovering your leap of faith assumptions. Read-on to learn how.

Key Learnings from this Article

  • Discover how to construct a clear value proposition statement for sustainable business concepts
  • See how to incorporate People, Planet, Profit and Progress value types with specific metrics and KPI’s
  • Get to grips with a simple template and ad-lib to build your statements with ease

Mapping Sustainable Business Value Types


The first step to creating sustainable value proposition statements is to understand the value types you are creating across People, Planet, Profit and Progress dimensions.

Discover which value types you are creating within your new concept or business model using the 130+ Value Types for Sustainability, Business & Innovation Projects in B2C & B2B using the poster above.


Once you have selected the value types for your new sustainable innovation concept, the next step is to articulate them into a succinct value proposition statement.

Sustainable Value Proposition Canvas

Use the Sustainable Value Proposition Canvas to figure out your People, Planet, Profit & Progress value types you intend to create within your new concepts or business models.


Grab yourself a copy of our Sustainable Value Proposition Canvas here. This canvas will help you choose and refine your value types.

Write down the 3 value types you relevant to your concept across People, Planet, Profit and Purpose categories. Keep it to no more than three per type to make the next step easier.


Write down any key metrics and KPI’s you can think of, related to the value types you intend to create within your concept.

TIP: Consider metrics and KPI’s already in place or new sustainability metrics as part of your corporate or innovation strategies. Ask to see your corporate strategy decks if you haven’t already seen it. This way you can ensure that your innovation efforts can demonstrate how they will contribute to the overall business strategy.

Sustainability Focused Value Proposition Design


Next, use following ad-lib structure to help you formulate your sustainable business value proposition statement based upon the 130+ Value Types Wheel tool.

Value Proposition Statement Helper

View helper

Our [product/service/offering/concept] helps [user/customer/society/ecosystem/planet]

who have the need, want or desire to [JOBS-TO-BE-DONE, UN SDG…]




and we deliver business impact [STRATEGY METRICS/KPI’S].


our solution contributes to solving the [NEED, PROBLEM, CHALLENGE, UN SDG’s…]

by delivering [VALUE TYPES, 1, 2, 3]



Ample EV Car Battery Value Proposition

Here is a quick example of how an Ample, an EV battery company could formulate their sustainable value proposition statement using the 130+ Value Types poster as inputs.

Ample modular EV car and truck battery solutions.

Our reusable modular battery solution helps people in busy cities with e-vehicles who have the need to quickly find and replace their batteries, by removing the stress and need to wait for recharging whilst solving the problem of manufacturing excessive lithium cells, so that we only produce and use batteries we actually use. Unlike proprietary battery powered e-vehicles that aren’t interchangeable and must be individually purchased, our solution contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 (affordable and clean energy), Goal 11 (sustainable cities and communities), Goal 12 (responsible consumption and production) and Goal 13 (climate action), by delivering non-wasteful, sustainably produced, recyclable batteries that provide a scalable and profitable solution across global cities.

Example EV Battery Value Proposition StatementAmple

In this example you can see that a number of different value types across: people, planet, profit and progress have been inter-woven into the sustainability-focused value proposition statement.

Ample uses fully modular EV batteries, with replaceable units available across cities.

Note that the statement does not focus on the specific features and functionalities of the batteries themselves, but instead, stays more abstract and only talks of the value that is being created, captured and delivered to stakeholders and wider environment.

Used in this way, value is the primary way of communicating how the proposed concept will add value and sustainable impact on People, Planet, Profit and Progress dimensions.

Key takeaways

Articulating the real value you are creating across People, Planet, Profit and Progress can be difficult to figure out due to the fact that value is an abstract concept.

You can make the job of creating your sustainable business value proposition statements a whole lot easier, by using our Sustainable Value Proposition Canvas. Use the canvas to structure how you uncover the value you are creating with your new concept or business model.

Sustainable value proposition statements are a powerful way for you to articulate what you intend to do and how the impact of your efforts will be felt to all your different stakeholder types.

It is a good idea to craft sustainable value proposition statements targeted at each of your major stakeholder groups e.g. customers, UN SDG’s, sponsors, partners, funding bodies, investment panels etc.

Consider you value proposition statements as mini elevator pitches for your stakeholders. As you go through the subsequent (in)validation process, your value proposition statements will also evolve.

Good luck creating sustainable business impact!

Craft clear and concise value proposition statements

Download our Sustainable Value Proposition Canvas to help you craft value proposition statement for each of your ecosystem stakeholder types.

Download the canvas

Mike Pinder is a cross-industry business innovation expert & consultant, thought leader, author, lecturer & international keynote speaker on innovation. He’s driven by using innovation to leave the world a better place than we found it. Mike is a co-founder of Wicked Acceleration Labs (an industry-academia research lab aimed at tackling wicked problems), Member of Board of Advisors at Global Innovation Institute (GInI), & Honorary Practice Fellow at Imperial College London Business School.

Mike consults and leads across innovation strategy, Design Thinking, Lean Start-up, Business Model Innovation in both B2B and B2C, guiding c-level innovation strategy, innovation accelerator design, co-creation, capability programs, academic research, executive education (Exec Ed) university program design, intrapreneurship, digital transformation, sprints & more.

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